Pigment Colour Theory PLUS BONUSES

Pigment Colour Theory is designed by Gwendoline Johnston (a master-certified PMU specialist of 23 years) and is a must for any permanent makeup artist who wishes to grow their understanding on pigment colour theory. We have specifically focused on making the content super easy to understand while still having fun as we learn about this important subject. Understand […]

PermaBlend Pigments Colour Guide for eyebrows

Permablend Pigments

PermaBlend Pigments Lip Colour Guide

Permablend Pigment Colour Guide for lips

PermaBlend Pigment Colour Guide for Lips Introduction: Both men and women of all ages, lose their natural lip colour either due to genetics, age-related loss of definition or from scarring caused by fever blisters, dog bites, burn or accident victims.  Permanent lip colouring suits busy business women, hectic moms, those with active lifestyles seeking to minimise time […]

Perma Blend Pigments – price increase

Permablend Pigments

Three years ago, a very small circle of PMU colleagues purchased Permablend pigments and tested them for healed results before anyone had even heard of them. The results were amazing! The color healed almost exactly the way they went into the skin with hardly any fading! As permanent makeup artists, we are so used to […]

Brow Daddy – Gold Collection Colour Guide

Brow Daddy

Brow Daddy quick descriptionsThere are 10 colors in the set: 🔸GOLDEN GODDESS warm light to medium blonde. 🔸BRONZITE dark brown with a warm orange base. 🔸BERRY BLONDE warm medium to dark strawberry blonde. 🔸DARK TEDDY neutral yellow-based medium to dark brown. 🔸BROUGE deep red-brown. 🔸TRUFFLE DREAM cool dark blonde to light brown. 🔸HONEY MAGIC warm […]

Important information for Permablend users (read before using )

Permablend is fast becoming the ‘GO TO’ pigment of choice for permanent makeup artists across the globe. Established in 2014, Permablend pigments are proudly certified vegan friendly and are never tested on animals. Here is a little bit of interesting history behind the Permablend name… Permablend is a specially manufactured pigment range created especifically for […]

Perma Blend – the fugly brow solution

As permanent makeup professionals – we all know that heart-sinking moment when your client arrives for her annual colour boost appointment and her brows are sporting all the shades of the rainbow (aka fugly!) – except the one colour that should be there!  While this may be caused due to poor practices, more often than […]


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