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Practice Skin Mats – 3D Lips


Any Technician who ever became a PMU Master knows the undenyable importance of practice. The 3D Practice Skin of the lips – use to practice lip procedures.
Whether you need to practice eyebrows, eyeliners or lips – we stock a large variety of practice skins to suit every requirement.

TIP: Use every inch of the practice skin and the reverse side of the mat to creatively design and practice your procedures!

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Numb Gold Topical Anaesthetic (10g)


Numb Gold Topical Anaesthetic contains Lidocaine as the active ingredient.

  • Pre-treatment Numbing Cream.
  • The Lidocaine leads to deeper penetration into the layers where the sensitive nerves are located.
  • Long effective duration – lasts from 50 minutes and up to 3 hours! 
  • Numbing effect will reach optimal level within 25 minutes.
  • Wipe with moistened swab to remove the product and dry the area well.
  • Non-oily cream, easily removed with moistened cotton swab.
  • Do Not use for any eyeliner procedures – high risk of corneal abrasion/s.

TIP:  Ensure the area is cleaned using a mild exfoliator and dried very well prior to application.
Occlude the areas with plastic film.
This will ensure a comfortable experience for your client as the skin and nerve ends will be numbed.

Follow with Secondary Anaesthetic once the treatment has begun to ensure your client’s complete comfort throughout.

Best initial anaesthetic for eyebrow and lip permanent makeup procedures as well as for micro-needling clients!

Available in 10g tubes only (sufficient for at least 10 brow applications) – a little goes a long way!


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Arm Protector Sleeves – disposable [20-pack]


In the permanent makeup and microblading industry, the use of protective plastic sleeves is essential.
These waterproof arm protector sleeves will protect clothing and arms against abrasion, chemicals, body fluids, pigment splashes or any other substances you wouldn’t want your skin exposed to.

These arm protector sleeves won’t only protect your skin from damage or contamination, but also saves your uniform from being ruined or stained.  Pigment and blood stains are very difficult to remove, therefore, these sleeves provide a cheap and easy way of protecting your own clothes.

We strongly suggest that protective sleeves be used throughout procedures and treatments.

Single use and fully disposable.

Available in blue only.

Contact us for bulk orders

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