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Permablend Pigments

Three years ago, a very small circle of PMU colleagues purchased Permablend pigments and tested them for healed results before anyone had even heard of them.

The results were amazing!

The color healed almost exactly the way they went into the skin with hardly any fading!

As permanent makeup artists, we are so used to always having 30-50% color loss with the need to retouch after a few weeks. That’s why PMU was always taught as a 2-procedure process. This didn’t happen with Perma Blend. It virtually eliminated touch up’s for us. This was the biggest game changer.

The second game changer was incredible retention when it mattered -OVER TIME.
Compared to other pigment brands which would fade after 1 year and break down to embarrassing fugitive colours, which, face it we have all seen. If you’re a newer artist and never used any other brand before, you are so lucky!

You never had to experience these previous struggles. 

Lou Rubino is so passionate about making the best pigments/inks in the world – it’s his sole goal. Every decision he makes is dedicated to the goal of making the best and brightest pigment/ink that lives in our skin. He comes from a generational family craft of tattoo artists and works with the world’s best artists who lay masterpieces into skin, traveling half the year doing research, working endlessly with tattoo artists, and people who lead the industry. 

Needless to say, Perma Blend has been a complete GAME CHANGER for PMU while simultaneously offering a comprehensive and broad color range to suit any of our needs. 

Permablend truly is a market leader based on these accomplishments alone! 

The decision to raise prices was not an easy one for Perma Blend.
It was absolutely necessary. 

Every business has costs and expenses that are not obvious to the general public/consumers. To make the best products, once has to be willing to invest SO much $$$ into R&D, take risks, break barriers, with no real guarantee of a return on your investment. Lou brings this to us at a small cost, and at a better price than any PMU ink company. He enables so many artists to do their best work. Most importantly, he LISTENS to our needs and produces products that serve both the artist and end customer. Because he’s been in our shoes and deeply respects the craft.
We have a true partner who genuinely understands quality, value and execution. 

That comes from 50 years of lessons learned in manufacturing and working with ink from generation to generation. Studying countless healed PMU and body ink results and happy clients speak for themselves. You are not paying for a simple 15ml of ink, you are paying for the commitment to quality and innovation. 

Of course, no one likes a price increase but they are made in order to ensure costs are covered and the business can operate in a healthy manner. Permablend is not attempting to drive away business or price gouge. Most companies charge way more than Perma Blend with inferior quality, results and experience. 

For me, client safety, colour retention and lasting results will always be my #1 priority and this is what keeps me producing great work and my clients loyal, allowing me to continually keep my books full. When clients are happy, marketing is on autopilot which is the best thing any artist can ask for. 

Regular Perma Blend colours have gone up by 30% (increase) . Artist series and specialty collections have gone up by 13.6% (increase). 

This is Lou Rubino’s response:

“We have been holding back and didn’t raise prices since inception in 2014. That’s 6 years of ‘no price increases‘. Plus we are taking it to a whole new level with new machinery and ISO 13485 medical device certification of our facilities. No other ink company have this. Sorry, we can no longer absorb all the raw material price increases and contribute to make exciting new improvements and still supply the best pigments on the market at the best prices.”

It is our sincere hope this info helps you to understand Lou, Perma Blend and to make decisions that suit you, your business and your clients best interest!”

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Original post edited by Gwendoline Johnston. Excerpts (and original) per Tina Davies FB post dd 6 January 2020 with permission


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