Pigment Colour Theory PLUS BONUSES

Pigment Colour Theory is designed by Gwendoline Johnston (a master-certified PMU specialist of 23 years) and is a must for any permanent makeup artist who wishes to grow their understanding on pigment colour theory.

We have specifically focused on making the content super easy to understand while still having fun as we learn about this important subject.

Understand that the combination of skin-tone + pigment = result

We guide you STEP-BY-STEP towards making educated colour choices!

Enrol Today and take the guesswork out of pigment choices

We will take you through 7 easy-to-understand video tutorials covering:

 What determines skin colour?

 What is colour?

 How are colour pigments made?

 Discussion – The colour wheel

 Fitzpatrick skin tones

 Pigment placement


Ending off with a

Quiz / Questionnaire




  •  PermaBlend Pigments Brow Colour Guide
  •  PermaBlend Lip Colour Chart
  •  Colour Wheel
  •  Cheat Sheet – Suggested Pigment Colours
  •  Cheat Sheet – Four Basic Skin Types
  • FREE Mini Course #1 – Safety and Sterility 
  • FREE Mini Course #2 – Client Screening

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