#14 White Curve Flex Blade (blister-pack) BB

Original price was: R219.00.Current price is: R65.70.

These are expired products offered for the purposes of practice and training, NOT to be used on clients for health and safety reasons.

Should you choose to use the expired blades for procedures they must undergo an extensive 20 minute sanitisation soak in 70% Medical Grade Alcohol before use. Please do not re-use blades for yours and clients health and safety.

The #14 White Flex Curve Blade is recommended for slightly wider microblade eyebrow effects. Also recommended when designing standard microstrokes. Being a flex blade, it creates curved strokes with ease.

The #14 White Flex Curve Microblade is also offered in single packaging.

Single use item.

Dispose of responsibly in sharps disposal container

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