Brow Mapping String (10 m/box) White


The best aid to ensure perfect symmetry of the brows! The Brow Mapping String is used to measure symmetrical designs and contains a whopping 10 meters. Perfect aid for Tech’s who struggle with shape and/or symmetry.

TIP:  Use a very sharp waterproof pencil to mark the pertinent points of the desired shape (the waterproof pencil will not smudge off easily whilst working in the area).

With client sitting straight up, apply a ruler straight and align the ‘0’ to the centre middle line between brows and mark dots as follows:
1.  Start of bulb (usually between 1 and 1.5)
2.  Top of arch (usually between 4 and 4.5)
3.  End of tail (usually between 6 and 6.5)

Once the measurements have been captured – simply connect the dots with the mapping string and soften the shape accordingly (see pic).


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