Magical Epi-Spray – Secondary Topical Anaesthetic (with epi)


Our Secondary Topical Anaesthetic, Magical Eip-Spray enjoys the reputation for being the fastest working, most effective topical Anaesthetic on the market for permanent makeup procedures.  This Magical Epi-Spray’s success comes from its easy-to-use liquid format and highly effective anaesthetic content:

  • 5% Lidocaine
  • 2% Tetracaine
  • 0.02% Epinephrine.

This product literally works in 60 seconds on skin that has already been broken and the vasoconstrictor properties will control any superficial bleeding that may occur during permanent makeup lip procedures and microblade eyebrow procedures.  The Magical Epi-Spray further assists in preventing post-procedure swelling and bruising.

May be carefully used  for all permanent makeup and microblade eyebrow procedures. Keep out of the eyes and mouth!

Available in 30ml only.

All products are extensively tested for superior efficacy prior to inclusion on the shop.

Gwendoline loves to use a few drops of Epi-Spray together with the Epi-Gel for the BEST and most EFFECTIVE results!

For complete client comfort throughout your procedures, precede your procedures using our highly effective initial numbing cream Numb Master (available in 118g OR 60g)

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