Numb Gold Topical Anaesthetic (50g)


Numb Gold Topical Anaesthetic contains Lidocaine as the active ingredient.

  • Pre-treatment Numbing Cream.
  • The Lidocaine combined with Prilocaine leads to deeper penetration into the layers where the sensitive nerves are located.
  • Long effective duration – lasts from 50 minutes and up to 3 hours! 
  • Numbing effect will reach optimal level within 25 minutes.
  • Wipe with moistened swab to remove the product and dry the area well.
  • Non-oily cream, easily removed with moistened cotton swab.
  • Do Not use for any eyeliner procedures – high risk of corneal abrasion/s.
  • Patch test is always recommended!


  • Lidocaine
  • Prilocaine
  • Cream Base



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