Sterile Saline Solution


Sterile Saline Solution is safe for flushing the eyes after removal of topical anaesthetic and after permanent eyeliner procedures.  Saline has the same properties as human tears and will not burn or sting when irrigating eyes.

Sodium Chloride 9,0g/l

Sterile, non pyrogenic.  Contains no antimicrobial agent.  Isotonic.  Approximate PH 5.5.  Store below 25 degrees C.  Only use if solution is clear and free from visible particles.

TIP:  Decant the Saline Solution into Dropper Bottles for easier use.
The Dropper Bottles are perfect for flushing the eyes with saline solution to remove pigment, anaesthetic, makeup or simply to relieve a burning eye.  Simply fill the bottle with sterile saline solution and gently rinse the eyes.

Available in 1 litre bottle only

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