Quality of Microblade Products and Supplies

It has been our quest to ensure that all the products in this E-shop have internationally acceptable sterility, quality and reliability.  All the microblades carry certificates confirming that these items are sterilised by gamma rays.



We have gone to great lengths to source and rigorously test every item in the shop and feel confident and proud to offer this great high quality range to our meticulous clients in order to achieve optimum results.  At permanent makeup supplies, we aim to make the lives of busy permanent makeup artists from all over the world seamless and have taken into account the various international health legislation and laws in that we have catered for these PMU artists too (see disposable pen/blade combo’s).


You will notice that all our pen tools have been specifically selected for not only their aesthetic appeal, but also for their durability and reliability – these pens will tolerate the rigorous sterilisation processes that we recommend. We do not stock plastic pens, as these cannot be acceptably sterilised.  You will agree – safety first!

Safety first

We have designed this site for user-friendly sourcing and purchase check out and each item has a detailed description aimed to guide your selection, using best practice advice.  In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty product, from a hygiene point of view, we can regretfully we not accept any returns, however, the offending item will be replaced free of charge with your next order provided you have made contact within 7 days of delivery.

Should you require any further Microblade selection advice, please contact us.





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