Quick Tutorial – How to safely insert the Microblade into the Pen Tool

I have had a number of Students request a video showing how to easily and safely insert the Microblade into the pen tool.  

This short video explains:

Once your hands are in a new pair of gloves (do not touch the microblade until your hands are gloved):

  • Turn the top of the pen tool to sufficiently open the grooves at the tip.
  • Place the pen tool to one side on a sterile surface
  • Carefully remove the microblade from the packaging.
  • Hold the blade flat – with the sharp side of the microblade placed firmly in-between thumb and pointing finger.  (Be very cautious that the blade does not slice your fingers!)
  • Slide the flat back end of the blade in-between the now-open grooves in the top of the pen – you may need to move the blade carefully back and forth to gently encourage.
  • The blade should be placed sufficiently deep into the grooves so that when you turn the pen to tighten, there is enough grip to hold it firmly (about 1 cm into the grooves).
  • Do not place the blade too deep into the pen tool – you still need to easily see where to place your strokes with absolute precision.
  • Push the microblade to the desired angle and firmly tighten the pen tool – so that the grooves firmly grip the blade – by turning the pen handle base section (opposite end to the newly-inserted blade) while holding the top part of the tool.

To check that you have inserted the microblade correctly – hold the pen at 90 degrees to see that the curved blade needles are at the correct angle – see video above.

After use, please remember to safely discard the microblade into a sharps disposal container.

I trust this will assist you to safely insert your microblades!

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